Scaling high performing, quality agricultural, homecare, healthcare and other human resource teams is particularly challenging when dealing with chronic labour shortages and gaps in domain expertise.

Our team will assist you to recruit, develop and retain talent from around the globe and help you manage all associated tasks.

We will help you find the right to ensure optimal numbers, quality and long-term sustainability.

We use leading technology to ensure only genuine customers can get through your identity checks.

Liveness detection

Our robust, anti-spoofing liveness test gives us confidence that we’ve captured an image of a real person in front of a camera.

Document check

We use OCR technology, NFC chip reading and our expert security team to accurately extract data and check the ID document is genuine.

Biometric face match

Our hybrid approach uses technology and expert super recognisers to match the scan of the user’s face captured during the liveness test to their ID document photo.


Digital Identification

  • Verified customers without the hassle
  • Fast and simple verification for your potential employees. Know who you’re dealing with before providing an offer.

Compliance made simple

We help you meet industry standards and comply with global regulations.

Why do we ask you to take a scan of your face?

This face scan is an automated process to verify that you’re a real person.


Like any industry, agriculture requires an adequate workforce to keep operations going. Farmers continue to identify chronic and critical labour shortages as one of the most pressing risks facing Canadian agriculture and a major constraint on both agricultural growth and global competitiveness. Agriculture is complex industry that faces unique workforce challenges due to rural depopulation and seasonal production of highly perishable products.

Employers in the homecare and healthcare industries also rely on migrant workers. We can help you find the right workers for the right jobs and the right time.

Through our Managed Service option, we provide all the tools you’ll need to find the right people to help your business.


We understand that small business owners have a million things on their minds. The last thing you need to do is waste time and money managing your payments or visiting your bank. We’ve got you covered for effortless, on-time payments…wherever you do business.


Health benefits can be as important as salary to most employees. We help you attract and retain staff and keep your team happy, healthy and productive by providing care when and where they need it.


Our translation app helps employers reach out and communicate to larger markets and serve people from different countries.

Information about legal rights

In any agreement it is important for both parties to understand their legal rights and responsibilities. That is even more important for domestic employers and migrant workers who travel hundreds of miles to find work. We help employers and employees understand their rights and responsibilities to facilitate interaction and understanding.


We build payment solutions for SMBs so they can concentrate on growing their companies.


Due to the increasing need for workers in the agricultural, homecare and healthcare sector, Canada is bringing in more and more workers on only a temporary basis, with fewer rights, limited access to services, and no access to federally funded settlement services.

Our mobile application provides access to the areas that migrant workers have identified as the most important to them.

Digital Identification

Safely store your details, securely prove who you are. When you need to prove your identity to a business or another person, you can securely share just the details required.

Why do we ask you to take a scan of your face?

This face scan is an automated process to verify that you’re a real person.

Protecting you and your personal details

Built with privacy as a priority

Our systems are built in a way that means we cannot mine or sell your data to third parties. Once we’ve completed our security checks, we can’t access any of your personal details. We can’t send your details to a business or individual until you choose to send them.

Job search

We help you find jobs listed through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in the various stream including the agriculture and caregiver programs.

Virtual healthcare

We provide private access to remote healthcare by offering virtual healthcare to workers ensuring increased access, availability and privacy.


We make it easier and more inexpensive for workers to send money to their home country.

Smart contracts

When contracts are on paper, or even communicated only verbally, there is a high risk of forgery and exploitation of workers. We storage of legal documents such as labor contracts in a tokenized form on a decentralized service. This provides you with the peace of mind about the security of the contract details by ensuring that the labor contract is now immutable – meaning that its details cannot be changed.

Information about legal rights

We provide information about your legal rights and responsibilities to help you access justice, including both the ability to assert legal rights in a proactive manner, and to use legal vehicles for remedy or redress.

Reporting tool / Issues Management tool

Not everything goes as planned when working abroad. When those rare things occur we provide you the ability to report issues and access resources to help.

In-app. translation

Moving to a new location for work comes with many barriers, one of which may be the ability to effectively communicate with your co-workers or employers. The Karibu app. provide translation services to help you understand and communicate with those around you to help you access everything you need and complete your job safely and effectively.