About Us

We’re Karibu Solutions

And we’re changing how employer and migrant workers  engage, creating a streamlined experience for both employers and employees ensuring expectations and needs of both groups are being met. Because at Karibu, we believe that everyone’s work is valuable.

Our Values

At KARIBU, we believe in maintaining an environment that allows both our employees and our business to thrive. Taken together, our values create good times in the office, and a bright future for everyone involved.

Our Mission

Karibu Solutions is a company that brings people together to build communities through mutual understanding to increase prosperity for all.

Built as a force for good

Karibu was founded on a strong set of principles that we uphold to ensure we continue to only build tech for good.

  • Always act in the interest of our users
  • Enable privacy and anonymity
  • Keeping sensitive data secure
  • Keep our communities safe
  • Be transparent and accountable

Terry Knight

CEO & Founder
M.A Refugee Integration Extensive work overseas with refugees and migrant workers. Worked with Canadian Council For Refugees. 20 years working as a communication advisor in various industries.

Samrat Kishor

Director, Digital Solutions
Samrat is a Technology + Strategy consultant turned entrepreneur. He is responsible for product design and integration. Samrat has built and scaled 2 companies and is presently on the board of a Norwegian Innovation Studios.

Ken Foreman

Chief Financial Officer
Strong financial background with 25 years’ experience managing fast-growing businesses.

Get In Touch With Us

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