Canada’s Migrant Worker Industry and the Need for Foreign Workers

Canada’s Migrant Worker Industry and the Need for Foreign Workers

Canada’s agriculture needs high quality workers. Inversely, migrant workers need healthcare, reliable pay, and to easily find secure opportunities. How do we bridge the gap between employers and help they need—typically from foreign and migrant workers? Technology can work for good to solve both through the following means.

Job and hiring platforms

Online technology platforms and apps can bring ag employers and workers together in one single place.

Before worker and employer are matched the needed skills, expectations, and compensation are clearly and effortlessly communicated beforehand— providing on-demand work for employers and dependable livelihood for the migrant worker ahead of time.

Smart contracts

To further security on both sides, easily generated contracts can be outlined and signed with the touch of a button.

Technology can both enable and cut down on the time spent forging legally binding compensation for the migrant worker, while securing contributions from the labor and work that Canada’s agricultural companies need.


No more language barriers or hurdles, thanks to digital technology.

Advanced app language software can help employers make work guidelines and stipulations clear through translation, while workers can get the clearest possible work expectations no matter their language— thus building equitable and healthy working relationships, and security for both worker and employer.

Reliable remittances and payroll

Migrant workers will be drawn to opportunities with the most reliable pay and remittances.

Employers can easily and effortlessly offer legally required payments on time with software— and create a safe and transparent job marketplace for foreign workers who need it, especially those that are most at-risk.

Virtual healthcare

Healthcare should be an inalienable right. Migrant workers do the most important work on the planet— but with the highest risks to their lives and well-being.

This includes injuries, accidents, and sickness. Technology can create a safety net for foreign immigrant workers, enabling employers to do their part in giving them the livelihood and healthcare they so deserve.

Reporting tools

Open up a safe line of communication between worker and employer over on-the-job challenges, incidents, feedback, and issues— on both sides, and right in easy-to-use app software.

Making for a better workplace can be a lot of work in itself for both business owners and migrant workers. Technology can make this easier.

Digital identification

Agricultural workers and laborers, especially immigrants and migrant foreign workers, can be some of the most vulnerable populations and labor pools to human trafficking— and are easily exploited and under-protected by government.

We offer digital identification through our platform, including verified and validated profiles. This way employers know precisely who they’re hiring, and workers can know that who they’re working with is safe and trustworthy.

Technology can address these challenges and cater to these needs, all in one software app and platform: Karibu. We aim to protect our valuable skilled agricultural laborers and migrant workers, giving them the services and livelihood they so need and deserve— all while helping Canada’s agriculture grow and thrive.

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